Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New to the shop :: Fall Rain

Hey everyone!


is in my store now :) my mom always laughs because she can hear me coming down the stairs where I work to take pictures and in the back and says "here she comes!"

the last one I made, Verde, she said "oo. I'll take this one" and hung it in our window :).

I'm lucky to have a supportive family.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

New to the shop:: Winter Dreams

This fabulous chime is back by popular interest!

Using new blues and yellows I mingled them together to contrast the cool and hot hues.

New to the shop :: Verde

This windchimette is bursting with all my brand new green glass <3>

Monday, December 22, 2008

What do you think would best represent me....

I was able to catch a CRAFT magazine ad and I want people's opinions.

which picture would make you go "WOW!" over more---

Imagination Santa Fe

Hot or Cold Secret Moments

thanks everyone for your input!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I - never- have sales!!! so get these GREAT deals while they last okay?!

11/28 (black friday!) - FREE U.S. shipping on all chimes! --- SAVINGS OF $8 or more !!
11/29 - buy TWO get ONE Half off! --- save up to $20!!!
11/30 - buy TWO get ONE half off! --- save up to $20!!!
12/1 (cyber monday!) - FREE U.S. shipping on all chimes! --- savings of $8!!!!


so get your Christmas shopping done all in one swoop!
hope to see you this Friday to Monday! :)

remember to put "Turkey chimes!" in your message to seller so i know you saw the deals!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Pecho the Breast Cancer Owl

Pecho the Breast Cancer owl tries her best to help others out, whether it be an ear when things are tough or a soft snuggle when you feel lonely... she is there for you!

an etsy group I'm a part of, etsyowls is doing a fundraiser for Octobers Breast Cancer Awareness month! Each of us agreed to create something that was pink and donate it to be 100% donated to the breast cancer research charity of the group's choice. We all worked hard and I'll be posting some of the other group member's items later on :) right now I'm just so proud of myself and this little owl. Pecho wants to be loved and to help out those who are fighting, have fought, and those who have lost in the fight for breast cancer.

Shes small, made of yarn and love, fits in the palm of your hand or the curve of your neck to keep you safe at night. She would also fit wonderfully in holiday gift bags for others! Filled with polyfill, the same material used to stuff stuffed animals, she is super squishy and loveable.

Purchase her for $10 here:

also check out the other owls and their works! they will ALL be posted in that shop!

Monday, October 6, 2008

I just need to rant and rave!


I'm currently undergoing my teaching education in college and I've started looking to etsy not just for my usual goodies, but for what I can bring into my future classroom as a new, fun, and exciting teacher.

I stumbled upon Minorthreads shop and was AMAZEEEDDDD!!!

they have these ADORABLE felt brooches with terms like "rad" "winner" and "sweetness". It got me thinking, that I could buy them in bulk and pass them out to EVERY student. Because any student who attempts to gain in his/her knowledge is super "rad" and a "winner" in my book. so I've been keeping a close on Minorthread to make sure they don't escape me in a few years time.

The other seller I wanted to rant and rave about was ohkayk.

These are wonderful quote signs but written in the form of eye charts. I will definitely be buying some of these to adorn my classroom with as an inspiration to all the students. And how unique will they look surrounded by maps and historical figures of old and modern days!

please go check out these shops, they truly are wonderful sellers here on etsy, and I hope to someday do plenty of buisness with them in the future. Will be on a constant look out for more things for my classroom!

Friday, September 19, 2008

EtsyOWLS are having a CONTEST!

Etsy OWLS team GiveAway Extravaganza:

Dates: 9/22 - 10/6

The Deal:
Each of the participating shops has donated an item worth $10-$20. There will be three prize packages. One equalling $____ and the other two equalling approximately $ ____ <>
The winners will be chosen at random from the group of entrants at the end of the two weeks.

TWO entries per person per shop. An entry is considered one transaction with a seller. If you buy 4 items, you get ONE entry for that transaction. If you come back in two days and purchase another 2 items, you get another ONE entry.
You can shop at as many of the participating shops as you like and receive entries from all of them, but only TWO per shop!

You will be contacted to submit your address once your name has been drawn. Please contact us within three days to claim your prize, otherwise we will draw another name. Prizes are distributed at random. You may not ask for a specific prize.

Due to the nature of shipping costs, we have decided to open this contest to US and Canada recipients only.

The Shops:
Here is a list of the participating shops


The Prizes:
All prizes will be Halloween or Fall themed! You should have them in time for Halloween!! :) Yay!

Check our blog for more information and sneak peeks of the prizes:

to begind shopping at my store click here!


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Secret Moments - NEW windchime! -

Welcome to the house of CagedBirdSings - Secret Moments, a great new windchime!

I simply love the colors. I had been looking through my "sold orders" file on etsy and I saw how colorful some were in so many different ways, and I tried to combine them all in this secret moment.

Here's some other views!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

My new shop!

Photos from around the world

I haven't even started adding all the ones I have :) over 85 images and not including Rome!

Come check me out!

Friday, February 8, 2008

One Year Etsyversary


I've been selling my work for a year now :).

so to celebrate... an anniversary windchime!

$35 instead of $40. To show my thanks!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Homesick for my 2nd Home

As many of you know I spent the last semester abroad in Ireland. I met SOOO many people from all over the country and its hard to believe that I'm back here at school. Without the friend's I met.

I'm usually really picky about the friends that I have and keep close to me, so I don't have a huge pile of them.. but the few that I have are some of the most spectacular people I've ever met, in all different ways.

Was looking at their facebooks (I'm not really a huge fan but they post their current life's pictures and its nice to see that they're doing well) and we have a site set up so that we can all talk to each other. But I'm the furtherest one away from the group.

They can all easily go "lets meet in Ireland again!" buy a 20 euro ticket and go there. I have to fly standby and pray to get on flights. Which.. when you've been wanting to go there your whole life and the lady at the desk says "no, its full". Sickening feels I promise.

Well anyway, I just wanted to write it down somewhere that I had such a wonderful experience with everyone that I met last semester and that I miss them greatly.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

New Chime: Lonely Dreamers

Lonely Dreamers
New windchime in the shop! Stop the press!
This windchime is another mixed color chime full of yellows, purples, blues and greens :). With some cool new beads! :D

Enjoy the windchime as much as I do! :)

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Undiscovered Talents


I was browsing the new Pounce feature and found these amazing earrings! Its a new etsy seller with no current sales. So support her and give her a comment or two! Click on the item to be sent to her etsy store.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Featured Seller: DanaMiller

So I was posting in forums like usually when I stumbled into this wonderful little shop: DanaMiller. W/Luv. I feel in love with her extraordinary prices and AMAZING quality of items.

I love this elephant wallet! OMG! Its only $8 and SUPER cute! Its on my faves list and when I get enough money (and its still there.. KABAM). I might also be on the lookout for other safari animals. Like my favorite... Giraffe. OR LLAMASSS <333.>

Not only does she have cute wallets... but these amazing crocheted sun catcher earrings. Filled with color and vibrancy.

She is for sure on my "fave seller and MUST check out" list. :)

2008 Goals

2008 Goals

2008 is a new look at my shop, CagedBirdSings. I'm having the overall goal of turning what is a fun hobby into a small time business. If I complete my goals I will be happy as a clam! (wouldn't we all??) But To have a long term goal you also need to have short term goals which help you create the long term- it helps keep you motivated and at the end of each goal you can even treat yourself to something special.

Long Term Goals:
- Hobby -> Business
- Keeping a better track on cost of materials and shipping.
- Making 100 sales this year. (5/100) :)

Short Term Goals:
- staining the wood blocks used to hold the chimes
- improve shipping designs. (better "thank you!" notes etc)
- Sell 9 chimes a month. (to make 100 sales this year :))

Anyways. I'm hitting this month off strong with 5 sales! Next month I'll really be focusing on the 9 a month goal so that my 100 overall is an easier attainable beast.

Thanks for listening! Have a good year everyone! :)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New Addition -- Knotty Chime

The newest addition to the CBS group-- Knotty Chime.

Why call it Knotty? During the process of making it, it drove me up the wall with frustrations and cut me several times (not because the pieces were sharp- just because of the way I handled it. Harder than usual. It fought back.. and won).
The colors were too intense and amazing to leave alone. I had to continue. Tough love so to speak.

I love this little knotty chime.. even though it was very.. naughty.

Enjoy! :)