Sunday, February 3, 2008

Homesick for my 2nd Home

As many of you know I spent the last semester abroad in Ireland. I met SOOO many people from all over the country and its hard to believe that I'm back here at school. Without the friend's I met.

I'm usually really picky about the friends that I have and keep close to me, so I don't have a huge pile of them.. but the few that I have are some of the most spectacular people I've ever met, in all different ways.

Was looking at their facebooks (I'm not really a huge fan but they post their current life's pictures and its nice to see that they're doing well) and we have a site set up so that we can all talk to each other. But I'm the furtherest one away from the group.

They can all easily go "lets meet in Ireland again!" buy a 20 euro ticket and go there. I have to fly standby and pray to get on flights. Which.. when you've been wanting to go there your whole life and the lady at the desk says "no, its full". Sickening feels I promise.

Well anyway, I just wanted to write it down somewhere that I had such a wonderful experience with everyone that I met last semester and that I miss them greatly.

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