Tuesday, January 29, 2008

2008 Goals

2008 Goals

2008 is a new look at my shop, CagedBirdSings. I'm having the overall goal of turning what is a fun hobby into a small time business. If I complete my goals I will be happy as a clam! (wouldn't we all??) But To have a long term goal you also need to have short term goals which help you create the long term- it helps keep you motivated and at the end of each goal you can even treat yourself to something special.

Long Term Goals:
- Hobby -> Business
- Keeping a better track on cost of materials and shipping.
- Making 100 sales this year. (5/100) :)

Short Term Goals:
- staining the wood blocks used to hold the chimes
- improve shipping designs. (better "thank you!" notes etc)
- Sell 9 chimes a month. (to make 100 sales this year :))

Anyways. I'm hitting this month off strong with 5 sales! Next month I'll really be focusing on the 9 a month goal so that my 100 overall is an easier attainable beast.

Thanks for listening! Have a good year everyone! :)


ishi said...

you're off to a great start! i hope you reach your 08 goals.. i think i'll take some time to make some for myself...

Designs by Jenean said...

There's something about putting goals in writing that makes them more real. Much success to you in accomplishing your goals.