Monday, October 6, 2008

I just need to rant and rave!


I'm currently undergoing my teaching education in college and I've started looking to etsy not just for my usual goodies, but for what I can bring into my future classroom as a new, fun, and exciting teacher.

I stumbled upon Minorthreads shop and was AMAZEEEDDDD!!!

they have these ADORABLE felt brooches with terms like "rad" "winner" and "sweetness". It got me thinking, that I could buy them in bulk and pass them out to EVERY student. Because any student who attempts to gain in his/her knowledge is super "rad" and a "winner" in my book. so I've been keeping a close on Minorthread to make sure they don't escape me in a few years time.

The other seller I wanted to rant and rave about was ohkayk.

These are wonderful quote signs but written in the form of eye charts. I will definitely be buying some of these to adorn my classroom with as an inspiration to all the students. And how unique will they look surrounded by maps and historical figures of old and modern days!

please go check out these shops, they truly are wonderful sellers here on etsy, and I hope to someday do plenty of buisness with them in the future. Will be on a constant look out for more things for my classroom!


charlie w. said...

Aw, Erin, thank you!! You truly deserve a ribbon that reads "awesome," because I can tell that is the kind of teacher you will be! And also, I love ohkayk's eye chart posters, so I was thrilled to be mentioned in the same post. Thanks a million!

knitandpearl said...

Nice work, Erin! Those are two awesome sellers! :)

J-Mi said...

I'd kill for a 'sweet' ribbon. :) Charlie's right, you are goingto make an awesome teacher. :D