Thursday, August 2, 2007

Harry Potter Scarves

My new line of scarves in honor of the newly released book and movie. Please no spoilers! I'll beat you with my scarf.

Here is what I put in each of my scarves item descriptions:
"In regards to the release of a certain book that came out at midnight 7/21/2007, I have announced a new line of scarves that shall be created going in a certain order at a certain time.

Scarves shall be called "nicely colored scarves" just so that Warner Bros doesn't swoop out and kill said maker of scarf. With that in mind... enjoy this scarf!

The scarf is a limited edition, HP look-a-like from the books that shall not be named :)."

Enjoy! Each scarf is only $22. a real steal deal. You don't even have to be a crazed HP fan to like the Ravenclaw or Slytherin one though. They just look pretty as is :)

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