Monday, August 20, 2007

Black Forest Craft Festival :: RESULTS

Oh god! I was so happy that Deana invited me to come and be a part of this craft fair.

The one I did with my uncle was in Monument CO, had about 10,000 people and I only had 3 sales. 3 very small sales. Most of the people were just walking by, weren't buying anything from anyone :/

BUT!!! During that fair people who host other fairs came up to me and were impressed with my work. invited me to theirs.

So I gave it a shot and made the 1 hour drive down to Black Forest/Colorado Springs area to their annual craft festival. I made 6 HUGE sales!!! and most of my business cards are gone! I'm so thrilled! I made $120 that day! My biggest craft fair yet! And guess how many people showed up that day? 4-5,000. What?! haha! And some people were saying it was even smaller than before! hosnap! I'll deff. be returning to this one.

Everyone was so nice too!

Look! my booth: :)
With my whole scarf setup and everything :). I'm so proud of myself! I set up major discussions with people, brought a scarf to work on.. and yeah! it works! really drew people to my table. And eventually they took my card. A few of my sales people had said "was going to spend this some where else but your items just strike me as being so incredible..."

I'm touched! Thank you CO community! :)


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