Monday, July 16, 2007

Featured Sellers -- Two Knotty Hempers!

Just wanted to get their name and their faces out. I've purchased a whopping 4 things from these ladies total and gotta say.. I LOVE THEIR STUFF!!! They're unique and WAY cool. you get more than your monies worth with these two.
Well.. here's their "about us" info!

"TwoKnottyHempers is a collaborative effort between two etsy shop owners,butterflymoon and hemplady4u, who want to spread the word out that Hemp is indeed fashionable, alive and well. In here you will find Galleries of their work, featured hemp artists of the week, macrame tips, hemp information regarding crafting, newsletter, what we are up to , works in progress, ideas...we will even let you pick out a theme for us to work on on a monthly basis. So come join us, sit back and ENJOY!!

Jennifer Mont is the owner of HempButterfly that runs out of etsy for now, She has been crafting for 12 years and keeps going strong. " I see a future in this business, people will come to realize that this is not your regular hempwork, this is truly a work of art." She puts in many hours a week working on new ideas, "everypart of my house is a mess, due to all the designs I have in progress" What will be new in her shop? Her new line of teen wear, Juiced, will premier on Etsy on July 3rd, so keep your eye out. Mother of two gorgeous boys, Joshua and Evan, 8 and 4 respectively she currently resides with her husband Mario and her german shep/great dane LOBO. Her family is her source of constant inspiration.

Lisa Davis is the owner of she has been hemping for 30years. She is married and has 2 biological children, 4 stepchildren , 1 granddaughter and 6 step grandchildren ( I consider them all mine ). She is currently a home maker and loves doing her hempwork cause it relaxes her. " I love to create and like to see how far I can go with each piece I make, sort of like pushing my own boundaries. I want people to fall in love with it, just as i do while im making it. I put in lot of time and thought into each and every piece I concieve . I believe hemp is for everyone" . This is a work of art that takes time to create . A perfectionist at Heart she is the type of person that will take a piece apart until she feels it is good enough to share with the world. "I love to make people smile andI love making people happy, if they are not happy neither am I""

You can visit their blog at:

go! go! they're way cool! :)

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