Friday, July 6, 2007

Craft fair on July 4th

Hey everyone! :)

Just got done with my July 4th craft fair. I split a booth with my Uncle seeing as it was my first ever craft fair and the booth price was a bit steep.

My uncle is the "palmer divide productions" sign and mine is the lame one i made myself in the back of the tent. All of my windchimes though!!! I had a very musical tent :) it was lovely. and there was a breeze all day so it really added to the greatness of my booth and chimes. I only sold 3 though!! But I came back, had a sale on Etsy and scored another sale.. so I guess at the end of the day its pretty good.

I'm pretty much thinking of the whole thing quite positively. I mean... most of my sales were from people who came to see my Uncle and wound up buying my stuff cuz they helped my uncle at his job, thus had his stuff already.

Every new craft fair person should think of their first fair this way! As a notch on their belt and give themselves a pat on the shoulder for going through with it :). I know I am!

now to find out where to buy a nifty sign like the one my Uncle had...