Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Hello everyone!

just a friendly update.

I changed every single one of my listings today with the length of the chime from the hemp hanger. So now everyone can guesstimate what it will look like in their window or outdoors/indoors.. wherever!!

I also wanted to let you in on something NEW that will be appearing.

Pushed by interested customers I've decided to go back to my "too small" scraps of glass and create "itty chimes" for $10 a pop. They're half as long as regular windchimes, and the pieces of glass are tiny, I won't use them in my larger pieces anymore. instead of selling them to be recreated elsewhere I'm going with it! I'm also not using as many beads (to keep it short) and will be using outdoor sticks as the hanger, tying hemp to it.

these will be indoor chimes to hang over your desk, plants, in a small window.. anywhere. you could even hang them outside, but are small and MAY break in high winds, I have no idea. They would be safer indoors but if its never rough weather i say go for it.

I've already finished one and will be staying home tomorrow to work on more.
Look for 'em!! they're only $10!

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