Monday, October 8, 2007

1st day -- goals

Following with the "Make your shop better in 30 days" I'm going ahead with the 1st and then will do the 2nd.. just to catch up :')

1st day is making monthly and long term goals for yourself in your shop.

"This helps by keeping you focused and gives you more determination to get your business going. Each month you meet all of your goals reward yourself. It could be a purchase from your favorites list (make it cheap, though, we don’t want to cut into profits too much), a tasty treat, an extra hour of sleep one morning, a picnic for lunch, or something else you love."

Day 1 -- Goals for CagedBirdSings


1. Promote my shop off Etsy. Livejournal, myspace, and facebook. See what I can do.

2. Promote other OWL members.

3. Try to make 2 sales.

Long . Term----------

1. When I get back make more chimes

2. Do twice as many shows than last year

3. Double sales and work harder every month

4. Turn a cute business into a serious one.

5. Open a boutique in the UK on a corner lot somewhere.

there you have it :)

well anyways. if you would like to look into making your ETSY shop better look at Christina Perdue's blog here:

she is already on day 6+ so catch up!


Keighley Arts Factory said...

Caged - open that boutique in Yorkshire (UK) - then we can share our stuff! Seriously, I hope you aren't too homesick, the CGGE miss you! Have you looked at Just a thought.

Glassprimitif said...

Pooh, it keeps calling me Keighley Arts Factory - it's me, Glassprimitif!

CagedBirdSings said...

lol hey glass :) That'd be AWESOME! :D and our stuff isn't so similar people would be offset and hard to choose! :) and It sounds familiar...