Sunday, September 2, 2007

Wedding Challenges -- ETSYOWLS

Hey all!!! This week's challenge is a wedding theme challenge, in honor of WanderingGirl's upcoming marriage---TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!

A few of the Etsy Owls participated in this challenge this week. The winner will be determined by YOU--as there will be a poll at our team blog at where you can vote for your favorite!

Right now, there isn't a blog up yet, but we wanted to go ahead & get the ball rolling. Look at all the entries, & show them some love!!!

Nick's "Southwest Blues" necklace:

Sharon's "Chillax Bridezilla" Bath Salts:

Lora's "I DO choker necklace":

Erin's "Ringing Bells"

Kristen's "The Wandering Girl (Sterling Silver Earrings)

Feel free to comment on which one you like the best in here until we get the poll up. Hearts & purchases are also encouraged :) We'll be posting a link to it in THIS thread when the poll goes up!!!

Also, last week's challenge winner is Rita (KnotartWA)--who will be the Stellar Seller on the blog this week. Check out the final poll results at

Congrats Rita!!!


Pretty Fun said...

My favorite is the pair of "Wandering Girl" earrings by Kristen. (Is this where I vote?)

Pretty Fun said...

Alright, I'm a dummy. I saw where you are really supposed to vote. Sorry!

CagedBirdSings said...

lol its okay! :D

J-Mi said...

GOOOOOOO OWLS!!!!!!!!!!!

Morgan Street said...

I finally got here. Used firefox instead of Explorer. AND I voted (not for myself either :)

Anonymous said...

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